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About FamClub

FamClub is an exciting family productivity platform that promotes and rewards family togetherness. Families may set goals for each other and receive a monthly box of rewards for completing those goals.
FamClub is an interactive app for the whole family that tracks and rewards family goal setting! Unlike traditional calendars and scheduling programs, FamClub monitors your family’s goal progress in real time and is designed to support participation from every family member! You can even leave one another notes and tie goals to a monetary amount to manage allowances!
Every month, your family will set goals, and update your progress in the app. At the end of the month, if you’ve signed up for a premium membership, your FamClub Box will automatically be shipped to you!

Technical Questions

If you did not complete your goals this month, your FamClub box will not automatically ship. If you would still like to receive your box, you may manually opt to receive it in the app by clicking the “Send my box anyway” link when your goals status pops up at the end of the month.
You may update or change your billing information by logging into the FamClub app and changing your information on the billing page that can be found under “Settings > Billing Information”
We agree that FamClub premium memberships make great gifts! We are working on adding that ability in the near future.

FamClub Box

When you upgrade to a premium membership, you’re eligible to receive the FamClub Box! The FamClub Box is a curated monthly reward that includes something for the whole family! Once your monthly goals are completed, your FamClub Box will automatically ship at the beginning of the following month.
Each FamClub Box has been sourced and curated by our team to include something for the whole family! Every month’s box is unique, but you can be sure that the whole family will love their FamClub reward!
FamClub is a platform that is designed to harness technology to bring families together, to work, to play, and to grow harmoniously. Our FamClub Box is an extension of that mission and is intended to create space for your family to spend time together. Our box contains items that will spark imagination, how you use the contents is entirely up to you! Play games, create memories, make your rewards experience as unique as your family!
Boxes are shipped out on the 1st of every month or the following business day.
Typically 3 – 5 business days after shipping.

Billing Questions

You will be billed upon signup and then again at the start of each new month.
Example – If you sign up before the 26th of each month, you are paying for the current months box. Any signups between the 26th and end of the month, you will be billed for the upcoming months box.
To modify your FamClub membership, please visit your account settings.
Your FamClub membership fee includes shipping to the contiguous 48 states. Additional shipping charges may apply for residents of Alaska and Hawaii.